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The Execution

By now everyone has heard of Troy Davis.

A man who was accused and convicted of killing a police officer. And executed for it...even after multiple witnesses recanted their testimonials and even references police pressure and coercion to give them in the first place.

I don't believe in Capital Punishment. But even for those who do, this entire case is one giant point against its use - even if you believe that people who are absolutely guilty of their crimes deserve the death penalty, the Troy Davis case was riddled with holes and doubt, and at the very, very, very least should have warranted an additional investigation.

Shame on us all.

To be honest, I am rather shocked that the Supreme Court did not stop this execution - their own feelings on capital punishment aside, even they should have been able to acknowledge that the case was riddled with doubt and should have gotten an additional investigation (even if the additional investigation resulted in his conviction and execution). I can help but wonder if there's some merit to speculation suggestions the Supreme Court did this on purpose as a way to incite people against the death penalty, to try and get rid of it from America not through legislation but through culture and the American people themselves.

A part of me hopes that it's false and that they wouldn't be so inhuman and heartless. Another part of me hopes it's true and that Troy Davis' death was not in vain, and that there was a reason behind it.

What do you think?