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The Video Edition: Cindy McCain and President Obama

First off, here's President Obama's "It Gets Better" video, as part of the It Gets Better campaign that came about as a result of the Suicide Surge in America of LGBTQ teens.

I get that Obama is under a lot of pressure from all sides concerning his LGBTQ policies...but I still think there is a lot more he could do for LGBTQ rights. He clearly has no problem supporting LGBTQ rights, as shown by this video, yet he does little in terms of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. After things like this video, I don't see how he can expect much Conservative or Republican support, if that's what he was hoping for. And yet he continues to do little to nothing. I feel the fact that he didn't promise to make things better, himself, was telling. I love that Obama would do this, make this video, but it falls very short, and the gap between what the President can do and did do is still far, far too large.

Another video is the recent Anti-Bullying Public Service Announcement that includes, among other stars and celebrities, Cindy McCain, wife of Sen. John McCain, 2008 GOP Presidential Candidate, and the leader of unanimous Republican opposition against DADT. It must've taken a lot out of her to be a part of this video considering all the homophobia her husband is a part of. Here's the video NOH8 Campaign Video:

As much as I ♥ the video, I need to take a moment to remind you of the statistics cited in the video. They're terrifying. I don't think there's a single demography with a higher suicide rate than the LGBTQ bloc of teens, and the fact that it took so many deaths in September to finally bring this reality to light is shocking. Do people really hate their kids that much?

To end on a more cheerful note, here's an It Gets Better video sung by a large group of Broadway starts - very inspiring, heart-lifting, and life-saving: